Golf throughout the fall and winter with EWGA friends

Multi-Chapter 4-ball golf October 25

Cummings Cove, Hendersonville, NC

Barb Sito & Christine Ring -- 1st Place
Debbie Hipp & LeNelle Tanner -- 3rd Place
Shelagh Byrne & Betty Ann Modaff -- 2nd Place


18 Hole Play Dates- Weekends
Play a variety of courses in the upstate
2 weekends a month
Contact:  Rhonda Rusch
Cell: 864.334.8351

9 Hole League Play
Each Tuesday starting around 5:30pm, league ended Sept. 30
Willow Creek in Greer
Contact Ashley Caldwell

9 Hole League Play
Each Monday starting around 5:30pm
League last day Sept. 29 - VERDAE
We played Pebble Creek, Hejaz and Verdae
throughout the season.
Contact Brenda Rutledge
Cell (864) 404-0973

Calender 2014

June - September   Monday, Tuesday and Weekend League Play
June 27-29            Dixie Cup - Braselton, GA
July 12                  Sectional Championship N. Myrtle Beach
Oct  10-11             National Championship near Nashville
Oct. 14                 Year-End Social at Palmetto Ale House, Pelham Rd
Oct. 25                 Multi-chapter golf event with Asheville & Columbia

Calendar sponsored by:
Embassy Suites Greenville Golf Resort & Conference Center
670 Verdae Boulevard, Greenville, South Carolina, 29607, USA
TEL: 1-864-676-9090

Our Mission

Connecting women to learn, play and enjoy golf for business and fun!
  • Are you an avid golfer, looking for organized events at local courses?
  • Want to play golf, but can't find the people, places or time?
  • Your company or client wants you to play golf, but you aren't sure about the rules of the game or golf etiquette?
  • You don't have a handicap, but would like one?
  • Do you travel and want a source for woman-friendly courses and or friendly golf companions in other areas?
  • Want to test or improve your golf skills through friendly competitions?

If you answered yes, we are the club for you - a golf organization for current and aspiring business and professional women.  Join online; it's easier and quicker.     

Let's Swing Into Spring Together,
Rhonda Rusch, President

HOT NEWS FROM EWGA HQ - October 2014

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  •  WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Quest 1: Where will the 2014 EWGA Cup Finals be held?
    (hint: Look on EWGA Cup site)

    Quest 2: Name a team that competed in the
    2013 EWGA Cup Finals.

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  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Question 3: What is the name of LeAnn Finger's blog?
    (Hint: LeAnn is the Director of Player Development)

    Question 4: Who received the Nancy Oliver Founder's
    Award for 2013?

    To submit your findings, click on the Discover EWGA icon below.
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  • WEEK 5 - Final Week!

    Question 5: What do you like most about belonging to

    BONUS QUEST: Did you sign up for your complimentary
    Preferred Golf Membership
    (15 Bonus Points)
    How do you receive a free round of golf? (15 Bonus Points) 
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